UHMWPE Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Synthetic Ice Rink Panels

Build your synthetic ice rink with UHMW Plastic at Low Price

UHMWPE Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Synthetic Ice Rink Panels

Build your synthetic ice rink with UHMW Plastic at Low Price

Synthetic Ice Rink Panels

Xinxing Synthetic ice is made of the most smooth and extreme durable, self-lubricating materials: UHWMPE (Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene).

Synthetic Ice Panel Pro

Interlocking tabs only half way up the side of the panel.

Synthetic Ice Panel

Uses dove tail jig saw panel-panel connection.

Hockey Shooting Pad

Customizable width, length and thickneww hockey shooting pad.

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Why Choose Us?

For better performance and durability, our Artificial Ice Skating Rink is made of UHMWPE, it is special designed for metal blade ice skates, our panels is smooth and super glide, the friction coefficient is 15% greater than real ice. It provides a real ice like glide experience. UHMWPE is a self lubricating materials, it enable your rink to be used in all weather and condition, there is no need to use wax or additives. It is a perfect choice for training and exercise.

Manufacturer, Low Price, Factory Direct Sale

$118~$158 per sq.m

Wide Application

Residential, Commercial and Training

We manufacturer a various sizes of synthetic ice panel, we customize the width, length and thickness according to customer’s requirement, Our artificial plastic ice rink panel can be used both indoor and outdoor, synthetic ice rink can be installed and build for residential, commercial and professional training application.

  • UV Resistance
  • Extreme low friction coefficient, 0.07~0.15
  • 2 types of connection system available
  • Easy installation, limitless installation
  • Minimal Maintenance cost required

Successful case

Latest Project

With 18+ year experience on manufacturing UHMWPE engineering plastic product, we have successfully helped customer to build their own plastic ice rink.

artificial ice skating rink

200 sq.m in Czech Republic

Artificial ice rink with stainless steel ice rink barrier.


Outdoor Synthetic Ice Rink

Jigsaw connection synthetic ice rink to be installed outdoor for public skating.

basement with synthetic ice completed

Basement Ice Rink for Hockey

45 sq.m basement synthetic ice rink for hockey practice.

Ice Rink Barrier

Ice rink barrier is a customize product, we design the barrier according to customer’s requirement.

Frame is usually made of stainless steel, it do not need to be painted,  it looks more beautiful and it is a completely environment friendly materials.

Fence board can be made of PP, PE, Acrylic or tempered glass.

We provide multiple color options for customers.

Please contact us to get the designs for your rinks, it is Free!

Product Videos

Synthetic Ice Rink Panel Display

Company Introduction

Sanding Process

About Xinxing

Tangyin Xinxing Plastics Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene new materials. It specializes in producing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets and special-shaped parts. Various engineering plastic products, with three series of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene production technology, and processing equipment (heating, molding, extrusion, mold, cutting) and other supporting facilities development, development, manufacturing, engineering design, construction and installation Ability to the business. Our factory owns the most advanced production process equipment: Moulding press machine, CNC precise finishing machine, carving machine, sander machine and so on. Our synthetic ice rink panel has exported to Europe, Canada, American, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

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